The most comprehensive clinical training on the market

BCNH Clinical Training is intense, thorough and based on Functional Medicine, with a strong emphasis on a holistic, albeit evidence-based approach.
Our Year 4 dedicated clinical practice year will ensure you have all the skills required to embark on a successful career in nutritional therapy immediately, following your graduation.

BCNH Approach to Clinical Training

Widespread dissemination of nutrition information on various websites, blogs and other media has resulted in an increasingly knowledgeable and demanding client-base.

Our NT courses will provide you with the ability to sift through the conflicting evidence and the confidence to translate complex technical understanding into practical, achievable, client-focused recommendations.

You will be able to embark on your career with the confidence that comes from in-depth technical knowledge as well as thorough clinical training.

About Year 4 Clinical Practice 

Apart from clinical skills, you will be taught how to prepare a business plan, basic book-keeping and marketing skills. You will be also taught how to communicate with the medical profession in order to establish a mutually rewarding relationship.

To complete Year 4 clinical training and to ensure that clients receive appropriate and safe advice, all your written work is checked by Clinical Tutors and all live consultations must be under the careful supervision of a Clinical Supervisor.

We also offer our students online participation in clinical practice – you will be able to observe Year 4 students’ live consultations from the comfort of your home (anywhere in the world) and learn clinical skills from your peers.

To complete Year 4 clinical training you will need to pass the following:

1. 7 comprehensive, real-life case studies in a clinical setting Each client is seen at least 3 times. All consultations are assessed by Clinical Tutors & Supervisors.
2. 3 referral letters to a GP or other mdical professionals
Each letter must be approved and signed off by the college first

A business plan Your plan will be checked by the expert lecturer delivering the business plan module, who will also provide you with feedback for further consideration.

By the time we’ve ‘finished with you’  🙂 you will be oozing with confidence and ready to practice and earn back your hard-earned money.

Distance Learning (DL) Student Consultations in Year 4

All students, including distance learners, must attend 2 compulsory weekends of clinical training in London in Year 4.

All client consultations, however, can be conducted via Skype, providing that the Student Practitioner and the client are in the same room and the environment resembles clinical setting as much as possible.

                                   A Clinical Supervisor will observe the consultation live and guide you as necessary.

BCNH Approach to Supplementation

At BCNH we treat supplements with respect.

We ensure that all supplement recommendations are within the Government recommendation limits; we have designed a BCNH Supplement Calculations Sheet showing key information such as the UK Recommended Nutrient Intake (RNI) & Safe Upper Limits (SUL), to ensure safe supplementation.

We also stress that supplements are not a substitute for healthy eating and must not replace any prescribed medications.  

Apart from the evidence-based practice, we believe in working with the medical profession, not against them.

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